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Programme de Mentorat Avancé/Novice


Traduction en français à venir. En attendant vous trouverez l'explication du programme en anglais ci-dessous.

What is the AN program? 

Taletha Jouzdani, Champion dancer, has created a very successful Intermediate/All-Star program that runs at many events across the USA.  We asked her to create a slightly different variation for us here in Montreal, with an offering that supports NOVICE dancers!  

Why Novice?

It's no joke navigating the competitive Novice dancefloor, huge divisions, multiple heats, and no clear idea how to stand out to the judges! We recognize your frustration! What your teachers tell you, and what you see out 'in the wild' can sometimes seem at odds, and that is frustrating.  In Novice, it can be easy to lose your confidence and want to give up.  We want you to know that it can and does get better! 


How Do Our Advanced Dancers Fit In?

Our Advanced dancers will be contacted and asked to be on this mentorship team.  Advanced dancers range from being seasoned and already mentoring and teaching to newer advanced dancers that are looking for mentorship experience and possibly to start teaching and coaching.  Advanced dancers still remember what competing in Novice was like!  They managed to navigate it, and have lots of wisdom to share with you about their individual journeys.


 The Advanced mentors will act as guides to Novice mentees accepted to the program and will be there to cheer you on all weekend long!


The ANM Program:  Matching

The ANM program will match ONE Novice dancer to ONE Advanced dancer. The general idea is to create a personalized match so that the Advanced mentor and Novice mentee have common goals, interests and parallel journeys.

So general guidelines –

  • Novice dancers, ideally we will be match you with someone FROM ANOTHER CITY.

  • We will base the novice selection from matching characteristics, dance and community goals and dance background. 

  • Schedule will also be a consideration.

The goal is to start the conversation – and help continue the conversation through the weekend.  Foster friendships and see what happens. The mentorship relationship may last the weekend, it may last a year or a lifetime – it is up to you!


What happens once you are matched? 

We usually have a few social engagements, an orientation and feedback session, and a final meetup to review the weekend's highs and lows. The final schedule of activities will be released nearer the event. 


For our Advanced mentors, a special discussion workshop hosted by a AS/Pro discussing mentorship and community impact topics. 


Who Is Taletha? 

Taletha is not just known to be the champion dancer that she is — but also to be an amazing coach and teacher of teachers.  She´s thought very deeply about the mentoring process and has much wisdom to impart.

Are You a Novice Dancer?  Apply Here.

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