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This page contains EVERYTHING you need to know for a successful weekend.  Please ensure you read everything IN ADVANCE of the event weekend, this will ensure you have a smooth and pleasant time!

Pre MWF events

Explore Montreal with Sonya Dessureault

Sonya is arranging social activities for those coming to town earlier, connect with the group on Facebook to join in the plans:

Thursday Night Pre-Party with Phil & Flore

On Thursday night, Phillipe and Flore Berne host a welcome dance in downtown Montreal, the dance is FREE because you have already purchased your MWF weekend pass. Details can be found here:

Registration Process

To speed up registration, we will have two separate lines, one for general event registration, and one for competitions. You must visit the general registration desk BEFORE contest registration.
Step 1:
Sign the waiver
Step 2:
Go to general registration and check in – you will be issued a wristband with your current workshop level written on it in INVISIBLE INK.
Step 3:
If you plan to compete – go to the separate desk for competition registration/chck-in and to collect your bib number. If you have not yet paid for your comps, you will do so at this desk. You can do this step up until 2 hours before your first contest, so feel free to come back later if the line is long after you collect your wristband.

Pass Upgrades

The basic Weekend pass, All-Star pass, Student Pass, and Junior pass does NOT include a seat at a table or VIP poutine on Saturday night.
If you would like to upgrade your pass to include either a table seat or a seat AND poutine, you can do so here.
  • Table seat – $15
  • Table seat AND poutine $20

There will be no extra tables in the ballroom, but seating will be available around the edges of the room for you to sit to change shoes or rest between dances.

Workshop Levels & Auditions


WCS Fundamentals – New to WCS, or working on refining your skills for better success at Newcomer and Novice level
Level 2 – Requires a minimum of 1 Novice point. We encourage EVERYONE to audition for this level if you don’t yet have a Novice point. Help us place you correctly.
Level 3 – Requires 12 Novice points or audition.
Level 4 – Requires 20 Intermediate points or audition.
Everyone is welcome to audition to move into a higher level, and we encourage you to do so. Non-competitive dancers, please assess yourself and attend the level audition you feel most appropriate.
We heard your concerns about judgement on the social floor with wristbands that identify which workshop level you are in – we have a great solution! Your workshop level will be written on your wristband in INVISIBLE INK, yes, really! The level will only be identifiable under a special blacklight which our door monitors will have. Out there on the social floor, we are all equals.


 We are committed to providing you with quality learning opportunities within your peer group. We know that using WSDC points is an imperfect system – please help us place you correctly with your peers by auditioning, particularly if you fall into the Fundamentals/Level 2 group.  We encourage you to consider the audition process as a way for us to ensure you are placed in the best environment and not as a way to prevent you from attending the classes that you prefer.
Auditions are optional, and are only required if you would like to access a higher level than you are currently eligible for, based on the WSDC points information above or if you are not a competitive dancer and want to enter any level above Fundamentals.
Auditions are available at 7pm on Friday night, and again at 10am on Saturday morning for those who could not make Friday auditions. We encourage you to try to audition on Friday, as we will have our All-Star Ambassadors available then to dance with you and help you showcase your skills! (We cannot guarantee this on Saturday morning, sorry).
  • Those auditioning for level 4 will audition first, then 3, then 2.
  • You will dance 2 or 3 short songs with different partners and the judges will assign you a raw score.
  • You will need to wear a bib number – bring if you have one, if you are not competing during the event and do not have a bib number, you will be given a number at the auditions.
  • Results will be posted as quickly as possible after auditions.


Check this link for the most up to date schedule information:
Pro-Am J&J and Pro Strictly – Friday night
J&J Prelims and Semis – Sat afternoon
Pro-Am Strictly – Sat afternoon
Swing 16 – Saturday night
Pro-Am Routines / Rising Star / Demos – Saturday night
Pro J&J – Saturday night
J&J Finals – Sunday afternoon
Strictly Swing Prelims and Finals – Sunday afternoon

Theme Night

On Saturday night, we welcome you to Quebec with beautiful ballroom decor by Kym McKay of Kymotion…. in addition, we will be kicking it “Old School” with 80s/90s dress code and a fun Pro J&J with a twist.

Hotel Parking

Discounted parking is only available to attendees staying at the hotel.
1) Upon entering the ‘HotelParc’ you will receive a coupon (blue stripe), you will need this to exit again.
2) At registration, show your room key and we will give you a second discount coupon (entirely white).
3) When exiting you will need to insert the first coupon received from the gate (blue stripe) followed by the one we give you at registration (white).

* An entry coupon (blue stripe) MUST ALWAYS be followed by a discount coupon (white) otherwise the machine will charge you the FULL COST for parking.

*EVERY SINGLE EXIT will require a white coupon – if you are going in and out multiple times you will have to ask for multiple discount coupons (white) for the discounted rate to be applied each time. You will be charged $13 at EVERY EXIT.
*If you leave your car for multiple days, the machine will calculate how many days and multiply it by $13+tax upon exit.
VALET PARKING is $35+ tax per 24 hours period with in and out privileges during that time frame. For those planning on coming and going, it may be less expensive if you are doing more than 3 trips to/from the hotel in any 24hr period.

Sonya Dessureault Competition Intensive

Get your head in the game with Sonya Dessureault, WCS Champion.

 This 3-hour intensive will take you through the MENTAL and PHYSICAL preparation and strength you need to succeed in this dance as a competitor. With strategies used by top athletes, this is one of the top dancers in WCS, and this one will be prepared to succeed (and able to deal with it when you do not!).
PART 1: Getting Ready To Compete Strategies to prepare yourself before too get out there in prelims, more Some practical drills all WCS dancers should have in their toolbox to keep practicing.
PART 2: On The Floor Get your head in the game and keep it there, no matter what happens. Mental strategies for staying calm and in control, whatever the circumstances are. Avoid a spiral after a bad prelim dance, and more. Plus, tips on performance and how it relates to a J&J and Strictly Swing contest.
PART 3: After You Dance Often the toughest part of any competition, learning how you have done. Sonya will provide strategies for managing your emotions and crucially, learning from your results! How to take away great learning opportunities from any competition, no matter where you placed.
The intensive will be taught in both French and English. Open to all levels of dancer.  Check the schedule for details of when the sessions are running.

$99 CAD – Book now

Turn on Facebook Updates

 To ensure you don’t miss important updates during the event, we recommend turning on event notifications in Facebook.

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