Westie Fest

Oct. 13th - Oct. 15th 2017


Westie Fest

Montreal Westie Fest is Montreal’s premiere pure west coast swing WSDC event (formally known as Montreal Dance Fest). This will be our third year of hosting this fun weekend and we have the pleasure to announce that we will be moving into the beautiful Marriott Airport Hotel!

This year we are offering workshops with recommended levels, as well as a special invitational class which will be by audition only.  You can look at what levels are available by clicking on “workshop information” on the menu.  We are bringing an exciting and dynamic teaching staff this year, including several instructors from France, as well as long standing instructors from the USA and Canada.  All night long social dances, many different competition categories, including the exciting Swing 16 Tournament. Add this event to your calendar and join us for an unforgettable weekend! A bientot!

We are excited to be a part of the innovative and exciting “Swing 16” North American tour.   At each event you compete in Swing 16, you gain points (as well as prize money if you win at an event).  At the end of the season, the top 16 leaders and followers are invited to the finals, this year at Charlotte Westie Fest, to compete for thousands of dollars in prize money plus lots and lots of event passes.  Learn more at www.swing16.com

Look out for Montreal Westie Fest Event Director, Andrew Sinclair at 3:45!


 Oct. 13th – Oct. 15th 2017 – Marriott In-Terminal Hotel Dorval 


Montreal Airport

Marriott In-Terminal Hotel

Montreal Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel 

Room price: 132$ per night

Available:  Wednesday through to Monday

Parking: 13$/car/day (discounted from $26/day standard price)

Book here:  http://bit.ly/MWF17Hotel_new – call the hotel if you want to request two double beds +1 514 636-6700

Special perks: Montreal Westie Fest special discounted menu at the restaurant airport!

Want to explore Montreal?  Airport bus 747 takes you downtown for $10 in 30-40 minutes


& Travel

Aéroport international Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau de Montréal (YUL),

800 Pl Leigh-Capreol, Dorval, QC H4Y 0A4

+ 1 514 636-6700



Your Heart Out




3 Day Weekend Pass
Includes all dances, ballroom activities, Saturday night poutine, and all workshops.

For workshop info, read here:  http://www.montrealwestiefest.com/workshop-information/



Full Weekend Pass $170
All-Star Weekend Pass $110
Student Weekend Pass $125

All prices in CAD.
More passes available on registration page.  All-Stars 
must compete to be eligible for discounted pass.

Competitions for 2017

Jack and Jill (Newcomer through All-Stars + Sophisticated 35+),  Strictly Swing (Newcomers through All-Stars + Sophisticated 35+)
Pro-Am Jack and Jill (Newcomers/Novice & Open), Swing 16

MWF has a no refund, no exchange policy.

You may sell your ticket to someone else but you must contact MWF with that person’s full name.


& Coordinators

Confirmed staff of professional instructors:
Stephen White & Sonya Dessureault
Jason & Annmarie Marker
Thibault Ramirez & Beverly Brunerie (FR)
Philippe & Flore Berne
Nelson Clarke
Estelle Bonaire (FR)
Todd Coulthard & Maria Ford
Doug Rousar
Derek Leyva
Faith Musko
Kyle Fitzgerald & Nicole Zwerlein
Hannah Meyer

Head Judge:
Demerey Leyva

Marc Davidson

The Music
Head DJ – Joe Mahoney

Event Directors 
Melissa Breton
Andrew Sinclair



& Schedules

Final Schedule (Oct 10 update)

For workshop level information, click “workshop information” on the main menu.

Studio 88 Swing is hosting a pre-MWF dance on Thursday night in downtown Montreal, details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1818217588469450/

PJ party on Saturday night from 8:30pm.  If you are competing on Saturday night you CAN wear PJs – just make sure wardrobe malfunctions are not an issue 😉

Click here to download a PDF of the schedule: MWF2017_Schedule_Final

For those who wish to volunteer their time during the weekend to work off their pass please email Melissa at info@montrealwestiefest.com. Thank you!

Workshop Information



Workshop Information

Workshops on the schedule will offer recommended levels from Level 1 to Level 3 and our instructors will maintain that level of content throughout the class.  We kindly ask that if you do choose to attend a class listed at a higher level than you would normally, that you be prepared/willing to sit and watch the class should the content evolve beyond your abilities. This allows you to consume the content and learn new concepts and ideas, whilst not holding back other attendees or risking causing injury to your fellow dancers.

We will have Level 4 workshops by audition only. Auditions will be on Friday night at 11:00 pm . Placement to be determined by the instructors teaching the workshops. Determination will be set at clean break, close to 20% of attendance.

Which level is right for you?

Level 1 designed for dancers with only a little WCS experience (or dance experience in another genre) You likely are familiar with the basic WCS patterns but feel like you would like to build a stronger foundation of skills, and gain comfort with the basic patterns.
Level 2 is intended for dancers who have solid WCS experience, but are still working on comfort and consistency. You may struggle with musicality or still think only in patterns when dancing. At this level, you should be very comfortable with basic 6 and 8 count patterns and are looking to expand both your comfort with the dance, and your abilities in executing new moves. Seeking new ideas and inspiration to take to the dance floor.
Level 3 For dancers who have significant WCS experience (if they compete, it’s probably at an Intermediate level), and are constantly working on refining their fundamentals in order to access more control and creative skills. You should have rock solid fundamentals and need challenges in speed, precision, and dynamics, along with new concepts and ideas to challenge you.
Level 4 For invited dancers who are pushing themselves in specific areas such as solo performance, choreography, advanced musicality, and highly technical partnering skills. You are likely a competitive dancer (or a highly sought after social dancer) who is working on placing in finals and advancing their standings. This level requires an audition, and the top 20% of attendees will be placed here.